WQTS staff is highly experienced in the development and use of EXCEL®-based calculation models for various types of applications, including water chemistry calculations, water treatment process sizing and costing, water blending calculations, project alternatives evaluation, and many other customized applications. These are some simple models developed by WQTS.

Click on each title below to open a web-based version of the referenced model, which you can then use to run your own calculations.

Acid-Base Addition for pH Adjustment

This model is used to estimate the acid or base dose required to lower or raise the pH of water to target values, and then calculates the calcium resulting water chemistry after chemical addition. It also calculates the chemical usage rate for specific average and maximum water treatment plant flowrate values.

Calcium Carbonate Precipitation Model

This model is used to calculate the calcium carbonate precipitation indices (LSI, CCPP, AI, and RI) for a specific water chemistry.

Disinfection CT Calculator

This model is used to calculate the CT inactivation ratio for Giardia and viruses achieved across a disinfection contactor at a water treatment plant using chlorine, chloramine, ozone, or chlorine dioxide as a disinfectant.

Dual-Media Filter Headloss & Backwash Rate Calculator

This model is used to calculate the headloss through a dual-media filter, determine if the media are hydraulically-matched, and calculate the media’s optimum backwash rate.

We develop and apply a variety of calculation models for many purposes including water chemistry, water treatment, and budgetary cost estimation of capital and annual O&M costs. Contact us to learn more about our water treatment models.