Michigan Adopts MCLs for Seven PFAS

In 2019 Michigan began a process to establish maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) for seven PFAS compounds.  Yesterday (July 22, 2020) the State issued a Press Release that the proposed MCLs have completed the regulatory process and the final MCLs are expected to become effective on August 3, 2020.

Link to Michigan Press Release and a table presenting the seven MCLs:


Here are the seven MCLs:

PFNA – 6 parts per trillion (ppt)

PFOA – 8 ppt

PFHxA – 400,000 ppt

PFOS – 16 ppt

PFHxS – 51 ppt

PFBS – 420 ppt

HFPO-DA – 370 ppt


In 2017 Michigan created MPART [Michigan PFAS Action Response Team] in response to PFAS contamination throughout the State.  MPART consists of members from the following State government departments: Environment, Great Lakes and Energy; Health and Human Services; Natural Resources; Agriculture and Rural Development; Transportation; Military and Veteran Affairs; and Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

In March 2019, Governor Whitmer directed MPART to form a Science Advisory Workgroup that would “inform the rulemaking process for appropriate MCLs for PFAS.”   In June 2019 the three-member Science Advisory Workgroup recommended “health based” levels for the seven PFAS.  Three public hearings were held on the proposed MCLs in January 2020.