Attorneys General Challenge 3M PFAS Settlement

In June 2023, 3M agreed to pay at least $10.3 billion to settle a number of lawsuits regarding contamination of drinking water with PFAS. Yesterday, AP News reported that Attorney Generals from 19 States, Washington DC and two territories have asked a court to reject that settlement.

Text below is copied from AP News article:
“The deal announced in June doesn’t give individual water suppliers enough time to determine how much money they would get and whether it would cover their costs of removing the compounds known collectively as PFAS, said the officials with 19 states, Washington, D.C., and two territories. In some cases the agreement could shift liability from the company to providers, they said.

“While I appreciate the effort that went into it, the proposed settlement in its current form does not adequately account for the pernicious damage that 3M has done in so many of our communities,” said California Attorney General Rob Bonta, leader of the multistate coalition.”

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Link to AP News June Article “3M reaches $10.3 billion settlement over contamination of water systems with ‘forever chemicals.’: