California Lead Legislation, PBS News Hour Story

Below are a couple of items that might be of interest.

Legislation Introduced for Lead Testing at Schools
On January 18, 2023, Assemblyman Chris Holden introduced AB 249 requiring lead testing by public water systems at schools (defined as pre-K through 12th grade) built before 2010. Testing would be required for all school faucets. Testing would be required by January 1, 2027. If results exceed five parts per billion (ppb) the faucet must be immediately shut off (and addressed by the school by either replacing the faucet, installing filtration, or providing bottled water as short-term remedy). The bill addresses funding sources for the program.

On February 2, 2023 the bill was referred to the Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials, and the Committee on Education.

On Sunday, February 5, 2023 the Los Angeles Times published an editorial (“Are California school kids drinking water tainted with lead? We don’t know, and that’s the problem.”) in support of the bill. Link to editorial:

PBS News Hour Story
On February 5, 2023 PBS News Hour ran a story: “Why American Cities Are Struggling to Supply Safe Drinking Water.” Link to broadcast: