EPA Webinars in October 2021

EPA information regarding upcoming training opportunities in October 2021.

EPA Tools & Resources Training Webinar

Chemical Transformation Simulator: To Predict PFAS Metabolites and Environmental Transformation Products

October 7, 2021 3-4 PM ET

The Chemical Transformation Simulator (CTS) is a publicly available web-based application that predicts how organic chemicals will transform in environmental and biological systems. Traditional exposure and risk assessments for human-made organic chemicals have only focused on chemicals in their manufactured form, but it is well known that many organic chemicals can be transformed in the environment. Organic chemicals can also be metabolized into new molecules when they are ingested by humans or ecological species. CTS Reaction Libraries predict the products that form from various environmental transformation processes. This training webinar will provide an overview of CTS, including a demonstration of the CTS workflows for predicting transformation pathways and physicochemical properties of organic chemicals. For more information visit EPA’s CTS website.

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EPA Tools & Resources Webinar

Freshwater Explorer: Interactive Map of Water Quality

October 20, 2021 3-4 PM ET

EPA’s Freshwater Explorer is an interactive mapping tool for visualizing water quality. States, tribes and other groups contribute water quality information to a database through the Water Quality Exchange (WQX). To make it easier to visualize these data, EPA scientists developed this interactive web-based mapping tool. Freshwater Explorer provides information about background and observed conductivity, a measure of salt content, for freshwater streams, lakes and wells in all 50 US states, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Salts can harm aquatic life and can be indicative of the presence of other pollutants. Data for nutrients will be added in 2022. Attend the EPA Tools & Resources Webinar to learn more about the EPA Freshwater Explorer!

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