EWG Study PFAS In Fish

Researchers from Duke University and the Environmental Working Group (EWG) published an article: “Locally caught freshwater fish across the United States are likely a significant source of exposure to PFOS and other perfluorinated compounds” in the journal Environmental Research.

Yesterday, EWG issued a Press Release regarding the published study. The opening lines of the Press Release are presented below:
A new study by Environmental Working Group scientists finds that consumption of just a single serving of freshwater fish per year could be equal to a month of drinking water laced with the “forever chemical” PFOS at high levels that may be harmful.
Researchers calculated that eating one fish in a year equated to ingesting water with PFOS at 48 parts per trillion, or ppt, for one month.

Link to EWG Press Release:

The Press Release/study has been reported by several news outlets (examples presented below):


CBS News story (note the PFAS video currently posted on CBS website is from a previous PFAS segment, and is not about the EWG study):

NBC Chicago: