NRWA Files PFAS Class Action Lawsuit

Yesterday the National Rural Water Association (NRWA) and the City of Millington, Tennessee, filed a class action lawsuit against several companies that “designed, manufactured, marketed and sold” products containing PFAS.  The companies named in the lawsuit include 3M, Dupont, and Chemours.

NRWA and the City of Millington are seeking the following:

  1. That the defendants pay to “….fully investigate and provide information….about the extent of any existing PFAS contamination through a court-supervised drinking water well testing program….”
  2. And “….to recover damages already incurred and/or that will be incurred….in investigating, monitoring, remediating and otherwise responding to potential contamination of their water supplies…..”

A Press Release and a copy of the complaint are enclosed (NRWA-complaint) (Press-Release-NRWA-2.25.20)