OEHHA Publishes Final PHGs for PFOA and PFOS

In April 2024, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) published final Public Health Goals (PHGs) for PFOA and PFOS.  OEHHA’s notice of adoption of the final PHGs is enclosed.

The final PHGs are:

PFOA – 0.007 ng/L

PFOS – 1 ng/L

Link to OEHHA Press Release:


Link to OEHHA Technical Support Document for the final PHGs:


Link to OEHHA’ Response to Peer Review and Public Comments



In July 2021, OEHHA proposed for public review draft PHGs for PFOA (0.007 ng/L) and PFOS (1 ng/L).  In February 2022, as required, a Peer Review panel submitted review and comments on the draft PHGs (the Panel provided lots of comments, but generally was in agreement with OEHHA’s conclusions).  In July 2023 OEHHA released a second draft of the PHGs for PFOA and PFOS for public comment. There was no change in the proposed PHG values.