EPA LSL Replacement Accelerators

This morning, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) posted information about a new technical assistance initiative “Lead Service Line Replacement Accelerators.” Below is the description of the initiative from EPA’s website:

“EPA is collaborating with state partners in a new water technical assistance initiative called Lead Service Line Replacement Accelerators. EPA and four state partners—Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—will work with 40 communities in 2023 to address existing barriers and accelerate progress towards LSL identification and replacement.
“EPA is committed to creating meaningful opportunities for the participating communities through peer exchange and learning. This initiative will include the development of tools and case studies to facilitate knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices between EPA, state and tribal programs, water system managers, and community leaders.
“The Accelerators will collectively work in 40 communities across the four states to accelerate lead service line projects by supporting the development of:
• Community engagement plans that provide educational resources and meaningfully engage affected community members while identifying and replacing LSLs;
• Lead Service Line inventories that identify the location of lead lines and meet requirements in the 2021 Lead and Copper Rule Revisions (LCRR) for a complete inventory by October 2024.
• Lead Service Line replacement plans that provide communities with a roadmap for identification, prioritization, and replacement of all LSLs, including public and private portions; and/or
• SRF funding applications that help communities access DWSRF funding for LSL replacement projects.”
Link to EPA’s Press Release:

Link to EPA’s website: