White House Announces Get the Lead Out Partnership

January 26, 2023, the Biden Administration announced the formation of a new “Get the Lead Out Partnership.”

The Press Release states the goal of the new partnership is to “….leverage existing efforts and funding to meet our commitment to accelerate the replacement of lead pipes by the end of the decade. The Biden-Harris Get the Lead Out Partnership is a coalition of federal government, states, Tribes, local communities, nongovernmental organizations, water utilities, labor unions, and private companies has committed to a framework of health-based justice-centered principles of lead service line replacement and has pledged to work together to identify new opportunities, resources, and actions that we can take together to help accelerate the Administration’s goal of accelerating the replacement of 100 percent of the Nation’s lead service lines in 10 years.”

No additional details are presented in the announcement.

Link to Press Release:

The initial list of partnership members is presented at the bottom of the Press Release.